Muebles Contreras is a family business with over 50 years of experience in Granada. The roots of this company go back 80 years, with the wisdom of Ms. Ana López Márquez, who sold on the streets of Villanueva Mesia (Granada) all kinds of items to meet the needs in those days. All her knowledge and experience offered it to his son D. Juan Contreras Lopez. As his mother, Juan Contreras started selling on the streets of his village.
After working and gaining experience in the world trade, Juan Contreras Lopez specialized in home products, specially the furniture industry. Thus, these humble and noble roots still remain in Muebles Contreras. Muebles Contreras has an important goal: to serve people from Granada in order to know and meet the needs of our clients, advising and offering them what best suits each. The important thing is not the act of selling the furniture without more, but the personalized treatment and the trust that customers have in the company.
Nowadays, Muebles Contreras has a large exhibition with furniture of all styles (modern, classic, import, rustic, colonial, Mexican …) and the latest market trends. Along with the furniture, it has a wide range of home appliances, lounge area, upholstery and leather furniture, kitchen and bathroom.

Muebles Contreras and new technologies

Muebles Contreras has adapted to new technologies with the introduction of its new website in English and Spanish. This website has been made for the demands of today’s customers.

It aims for the integration of the website with social networking, since the new site has a blog that will be providing relevant content related to the company, its suppliers and customers.

In addition, Muebles Contreras has official pages on Facebook and Twitter in order to interact daily with their fans on social networks.

Social responsibility

We have a great environmental awareness. Our products are not only able to adapt to our environments in a pleasant and esthetic, but meet the increased demands for energy savings.